Better Yields Through Science


Learn more about how our clients are using our products and the yields they’re achieving as a result.

Matt Gilkey

Chilling can be a big problem in pistachios. We've seen a reduction of probably 50% in yields on years where there's not...

Matt Gilkey Testimonial

Ralph Melendez

The Mask was a test block. 90% of the ranch was sprayed with Surround, and we did 100 acres with Mask, and the only reas...

Ralph Melendez Testimonial

Richard Diaz

The product that we used was called Mask. But you can tell that the product was on. It had a distinct white tint to the ...

Richard Diaz Testimonial

Scott Peters

As far as sunburn on our crops, we deal with it occasionally. It hasn't been a huge issue for us in the past. Consistent...

Scott Peters Testimonial