Better Yields Through Science

Client Testimonial: Ralph Melendez

The MASK was a test block. 90% of the ranch was sprayed with Surround, and we did 100 acres with MASK, and the only reason we tried MASK  is lack of water, so we could only farm 400 acres, and we set aside…it was considered set-aside ground, and they only received half the water.

The MASK is clear, and it really helped with the fruit color, I mean day and night. As expensive as water is, and labor, MASK is about $40 an acre cheaper. With half the water, we still maintained a green tree, even through the season, and we’re talking an acre foot to an acre-and-a-quarter. If you’re a pomegranate grower, that’s the only way to go. Color is everything in pomegranates. It’s gotta be red. Otherwise, forget it.