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ORCAL, Inc. Appoints Tim Wasko as President/CEO and Announces Ambitious 2023 Growth Plan

Leading agricultural products and services provider ORCAL, Inc., recently revealed the appointment of Tim Wasko as its new President and Chief Executive Officer. Shareholders have unanimously chosen Wasko due to his outstanding industry success.

Ruz Shokrollahi is Pursuing His Passion at ORCAL Inc

Ruz Shokrollahi likes to talk, but not in a dominating-the-dinner-conversation kind of way. Shokrollahi just likes talking and listening to people to get to know them, which is why he counts friends from all walks of life. “I’m a people...

At ORCAL Inc, It’s All About Working Hard and Taking Care of Customers

The “Slug Movie” will seize your attention, make you yell “eww” and even make you laugh, what with its sometimes humorous but totally educating script. And if you’re a farmer, the “Slug Movie” might make you RUN out and buy...

Putting the Farmer First

Why does Thomas Putzel enjoy his job? “Because I work for a company that puts the farmer first,” says Putzel, ORCAL’s Southwest Territory Manager. ORCAL, Inc. is an agricultural, consumer and toll manufacturing company that specializes in crop protection products...