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Proven Protection for Pistachios: ORCAL, Inc. Named California Distributor of AF36

JUNCTION CITY, OR (March 28, 2024) – ORCAL, Inc., a leading agricultural solutions provider, is pleased to announce its distributorship of AF36 in California. AF36, renowned for its efficacy in combating the harmful carcinogen, aflatoxin in pistachio crops, is a crucial step forward in ensuring food safety and bolstering agricultural productivity. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the industry’s efforts to safeguard pistachio yields and enhance crop quality.

AF36 developed by USDA-ARS Dr. Peter Cotty and manufactured by the Arizona Cotton Research and Protection Council, has garnered acclaim for its ability to mitigate the spread of harmful aflatoxins, ensuring the safety and integrity of pistachio crops. With ORCAL, Inc. as the largest distributor in California, growers in the state can now access this groundbreaking solution to fortify their harvests against contamination and maximize yields.

Thomas Putzel, CA Territory Sales Manager for ORCAL, Inc., expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “AF36 is not only important to food safety for consumers, but for agriculture as a whole. This just gives us one more touch point for the pistachio industry that is so important to California as well as U.S. food production. I am excited at what we can do together and look forward to the relationship between ORCAL and the Arizona Cotton Research and Protection Council as well as servicing our American Pistachio Growers. As members of APG, we understand the importance of AF36 and the power of its proven protection for pistachios!”

By leveraging AF36, growers can mitigate the risks associated with aflatoxin contamination, ensuring the continued success and sustainability of pistachio cultivation. ORCAL, Inc. remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower farmers to thrive in an ever-evolving agricultural landscape.

Morgan Klenke, Marketing and Sales Manager of the Arizona Cotton Research and Protection Council noted “AF36 has been breakthrough technology for combating aflatoxin. ACRPC’s goal has been, and will continue to be providing research, crop protection and education For Growers, By Growers. I am very excited for the partnership between ACRPC and ORCAL as another vehicle to provide resources and information to growers with the best protection from aflatoxin.”

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About Arizona Cotton Research and Protection Council

The Arizona Cotton Research and Protection Council (ACRPC) was established by statute in 1984. It is a grower-funded organization that provides funds to support research and applied technology in order to address industry needs such as pest control, aflatoxin mitigation, and crop production.