Better Yields Through Science

Research and Development

The ORCAL research and development team is led by President and founder George Baker.  ORCAL exemplifies the truth that one does not have a big company to have a big impact, creating products that are matching profitability for farmers with a positive environmental impact.  Mr. Baker leads the research team to solve crop production issues using mineral based products without GMO’s in order to improve global food security.  Field studies around the USA and in a dozen other countries help ORCAL products to mitigate the damage caused by plant pathogens, pests and environmental stress.  Due to the research team’s relentless effort, there are both organic and conventional solutions today using mineral based products without GMO’s which increase harvest and improve water use efficiency, to make this essential, ever more costly and fraught over resource, go farther in agriculture than ever before.

State-of-The-Art Science

Working closely with farmers and field representatives to understand the needs and challenges facing modern agriculture, the ORCAL R&D team of plant physiologists, chemists, biologists and physicists employing state of the art labs, field trials and research centers like the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) lab at Oregon State University to develop solutions and advance product efficacy.