Better Yields Through Science

Client Testimonial: Ray Stoll

Sunburn can be a problem in wine grapes. I used OASIS this year on a couple of quarter sections and realized it’s more than just sunburn protection. It helped protect the whole plant. It seemed to relieve stress. This was the first year that I’ve tried OASIS on the wines. I’ve used other sun products in the past. But during this season I noticed that the berry size was bigger than normal and the grower commented at the end of the year that essentially his yield was about three tons per acre higher than normal. We kind of broke some records last year on the grapes and I heard a lot of other growers were not as happy with their yield, so I was very happy to use OASIS this year. One other positive benefit in using OASIS in wine grapes is that we noticed the sugar came up. Brix was higher earlier. My grower was exceptionally happy to hear about his yields this year so he’s gonna include OASIS next year. The one thing that I’d like you all to know about OASIS is that it’s more than just a sun protectant. It is going to create a better photosynthetic food source for the tomato, the grape and the pistachio. It not only protects from sunburn but it protects the whole plant and I’ve noticed everywhere I put it, I have a plant that’s going to grow healthier stronger and ultimately yield better at the end of the year. Everything’s just better because of an OASIS application.