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Client Testimonial: Kevin Hodges

I’ve used LIME SULFUR ULTRA as a replacement for potassium bicarbonate. The reservations I had with the product where the temperatures. I was concerned that in temperatures that exceeded 95 degrees we’re gonna see some burn. I was also concerned with the potential efficacy of the product as compared to my grower standard, because my growers have been using these products for a long time and seeing good results.  I was going after powdery mildew in situations where the mildew had gotten away from us a little bit and we needed to do a clean up spray. Prior we had used potassium bicarbonate with a higher volume of water.  We came in with the LIME SULFUR ULTRA with a little bit lower volume of water and did a very good job.  LIME SULFUR ULTRA compared to the grower standard was significantly cheaper. I would say roughly half that half the price. It was very easy to mix and go. LIME SULFUR ULTRA will be a staple of my program…both my organic and my conventional programs.  I’d like to take a look at LIME SULFUR ULTRA in the dormant period especially in areas we’re starting to see a little more rust pressure. See if we can reduce the inoculum moving forward and also in areas where I’ve got it starting to get a little bit of a history of hull rot. I’d like everybody know that LIME SULFUR ULTRA is very easy to use you can have a lot of confidence in the product that it’s going to do a good job especially your powdery mildew cleanups and it brings a very apparent value to the grower. I’m considering using LIME SULFUR ULTRA as a option for vine mealybug in the dormant period as a replacement for Chlorpyrifos with all the issues and regulation on Chlorpyrifos at this point I think it could be a good tool in the box you.