Better Yields Through Science

Client Testimonial: Scott Peters

As far as sunburn on our crops, we deal with it occasionally. It hasn’t been a huge issue for us in the past. Consistent fruit color is very important. The consumer likes a red, full colored piece of fruit. Our reason for trying MASK was to see if we could get the picks a little earlier, to even out some blocks. We have some blocks where the soil type changes and so the pick is a couple days apart. On the late picking side, it did come earlier, which was a big help for me on picking. Also, the color was very good on the blocks that were sprayed, and we did see a lot of trees bigger and tree growth on those sprayed applications. They didn’t have sagging limbs or sagging leaves, and the leaves were nice and plump and large in size. They weren’t skinny. They did show that the tree was a happier, healthier tree. There were more suckering. There were more new limbs growing on the chutes. The treated blocks did not have as much shot hole on the leaves as the untreated, and also the pick was more uniform on the tree. More fruit came off on less picks than the untreated. The fruit ripened more evenly, so that at picking time we were able to take more fruit off of the tree at one time, lessening trips to the field. We didn’t have as many multiple picks.