Better Yields Through Science

Client Testimonial: Ray Stoll

Achieving chilling hours in Pistachios out here on the west side has always been an issue for us. We’ve done everything from painting the trees with latex paint that’s white.  To trying Surround, to try OASIS for the first time. We were desperate out here to try to get enough chilling portions to set it a crop out here.  Using OASIS versus kaolin clay or Surround…the reason I like OASIS better is because once it’s supplied and dried, it’s calcium carbonate, it’s gonna stick to that plant. A dormant application of OASIS is probably the most cost effective way to achieve better chilling units and ultimately a better crop at the end of the season. The first time I used OASIS was in pistachios. We waited till the end of the year to evaluate the harvest and we were all surprised to see that the yields had increased dramatically with OASIS. OASIS will now be a part of my my permanent program every year.