Better Yields Through Science

Client Testimonial: Ray Stoll

Heat and sunburned stress in tomatoes is always a big deal for me. I’ve used several products in the past to try to help combat sunburn and tomatoes. Back in the early days we used to use a product called Crop White.  I’ve also used Kaolin Clays over the years and I’ve used OASIS for the first time this year and I had a much much better result. With other sun protectant products it’s very difficult to mix any other insecticides or foliar nutrients without having some compatibility issues. With OASIS we’ve had no problems except for you need to stay away from foliar phosphates. Phosphate and calcium do not mix well. I initially used OASIS to try to achieve some sunburn protection but one thing that I definitely noticed is when it was harvest time, the yield was much better. We noticed more new growth after OASIS and I noticed larger fruit as well. OASIS is very easy to use and it’s very compatible with most products. OASIS is definitely a good value for my tomato growers. After using OASIS for the first time in tomatoes this year I plan on putting it into my program once or twice for every tomato field next year just for the yield response and plant health benefit from it. OASIS not only prevented sunburn in the field but it increased yield. It enhanced photosynthesis for me. OASIS is a no-brainer for using and tomato production.