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Client Testimonial: Jagpal Batth

We’re gonna plan on using LIME SULFUR ULTRA for our dormant application to get PTB, shot hole and scale and hull rot. The hull rot mainly will come in a later application but we’re gonna start with the dormant application of LIME SULFUR ULTRA. We’re gonna use lime sulfur ultra because the dormant application of oil is expensive. We’re gonna use a three gallon rate. LIME SULFUR ULTRA is a good value for both organic and conventional almond growers. Using LIME SULFUR ULTRA in the winter application, like a dry winter this year, is beneficial because we don’t have to have a very wet tree like we do have to have with our oil application. We can spray LIME SULFUR ULTRA in the wet conditions just as well as in dry conditions. If we have good results with LIME SULFUR ULTRA this year we’re gonna make it part of our permanent winter spray for our dormant application on almonds.