Better Yields Through Science

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12.5 pounds of SLUGGER ULTRA® Provides Better Control than 25 Pounds of Deadline MP®

Slugger® is a brand that growers have trusted for decades, and now has an improved formula. SLUGGER ULTRA® has a smaller pellet allowing more points of contact per pound. Boasting up to 33,000 pellets per pound and an attractant that will have snails in a feeding frenzy. Rest assured that the bait you are spending your hard-earned money on will get the job done. Independent research has shown that 12.5 pounds of SLUGGER ULTRA provides better control than 25 pounds of Deadline MP®. Deliver snails a knockout punch with SLUGGER ULTRA!

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Don’t Get into a Fight Without a Slugger® in Your Corner!

Other products not measuring up since the loss of Mesurol®? Is all your hard work getting eaten alive by slugs and snails? We’ll put the biggest, undisputed, undefeated heavyweight fighter to work for you and unleash the SLUG-FEST. SLUG-FEST All Weather Formula is the only liquid sprayable slug and snail control
in the Ag market. Delivering slugs and snails a beatdown with a staggering metaldehyde punch. When you need the job done right and you need it now, SLUG-FEST All Weather Formula has your back.

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BIO-SUL is Your Non-Metaldehyde Organic Option for Slug & Snail Control

BIO-SUL is an OMRI Listed, organic slug and snail bait. When it comes to a Metaldehyde alternative, palatability is everything. Unlike Metaldehyde that only needs to be touched by a slug or snail to be lethal, this category of baits MUST be ingested. We developed a proprietary attractant package in this unique, sulfur pellet that is tasty to slugs and snails, stimulating them to feed on the lethal bait instead of your livelihood. Find out why iron bait users are making the switch. Not all baits are created equal. Ours are made right here in the USA and can be delivered quickly. When it comes to killing slugs and snails… it’s what we do! If Metaldehyde is not an option for you, then you need BIO-SUL.

The Ornamental Market Just Got a New BFF...

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This 3-in-1 Miticide, Fungicide, Insecticide kills labeled pests on contact. Lime Sulfur has been killing pests for over 100 years and is different than micronized sulfur. It’s Calcium Polysulfide, that when dry, doesn’t carry the sulfur risk of rewetting and burning because it converts into small amounts of gypsum, calcium, and sulfur. But before that conversion it kills many of your biggest pests. Mites, Aphids, Powdery Mildew, Mealybug, Thrips, Assorted Scales, Alternaria, Rust, Canker and more are no match for LIME SULFUR ULTRA.
Use LIME SULFUR ULTRA as directed all season long with confidence! LIME SULFUR ULTRA is a reduced rate lime sulfur with a surfactant package that doesn’t require a closed system and is OMRI listed. Today’s environment demands that we do more with less, and that is what ORCAL has done with LIME SULFUR ULTRA.

LIME SULFUR ULTRA is less likely to create a risk to pollinators than conventional residual insecticides because it rapidly breaks down to sulfur and calcium. Know that while you are going after other destructive pests, you are putting bees at less risk. The best bang for your buck on the market, making your dollar go further than it ever has before. Contact your retailer today about LIME SULFUR ULTRA and stop wasting money.

ORCAL – Providing Better Yields Through Science… it’s just what we do!