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BIO-SUL Slug & Snail Bait

BIO-SUL slug & snail bait is a unique blend of the active ingredient, sulfur, with slug and snail bait additives. This bait is attractive to slugs and snails and lures them from their hiding places. After eating the bait, the slugs and snails cease feeding, become less mobile and begin to die within one to three days. Dead slugs and snails may not be visible as they often crawl away to secluded places to die. Plant protection will be observed in the decrease in plant damage. BIO-SUL slug & snail bait is effective against a wide variety of pests and will give protection to home lawns, gardens, greenhouses, outdoor ornamentals, vegetable gardens, fruits, berries, citrus and crop plants. The bait can be scattered on the lawn or on the soil around any vegetable plants, flowers or fruit trees or bushes to be protected.