Better Yields Through Science


There is an old saying that states “The easiest way to make a dollar is to save a dollar.” Over the last couple years many tree nut growers have found a new way to make a dollar with LIME SULFUR ULTRA. At a fraction of the cost of traditional dormant sprays, ORCAL has reintroduced a proven old school means that is ready to meet the needs and demands of the 21st century.

Let’s face it, here in California restrictions aren’t getting any lighter, and each year another tool is taken away by either a new regulation or lack of control due to the pest becoming resistant. Neither of these things are an issue for LIME SULFUR ULTRA.

With little known resistance for controlled pests, this true 3-in-1 answers the call when others fall short. And unlike traditional oil or copper sprays, LIME SULFUR ULTRA is safer to spray at lower moisture levels, putting the control of timing back into your hands. LIME SULFUR ULTRA is OMRI listed and does not require a closed system!

With only 2-3 gallons per 100 gallons of water, LSU is highly effective against mites, aphids, scales and Mealybug, rust, Alternaria, PTB, Phomopsis, assorted cankers, powdery mildew and other labeled pests!

Always read and follow label instructions.

LIME SULFUR ULTRA is OMRI Listed, and fits well into your IPM schedule to interchange products reducing resistance from over-utilization of any one pesticide.

  • Contains 27% calcium polysulfide that is formulated with a unique organic surfactant package which reduces bridging to get the product deeper into plant surfaces and into closer contact with diseases and pests.
  • Has the great attributes of REX LIME SULFUR SOLUTION of being an economical, versatile and highly effective fungicide, insecticide and miticide listed on over 30 crops including fruits, nuts and ornamentals; what is more, the surfactant package causes the LIME SULFUR ULTRA to plate out more evenly across plant surfaces reducing the risk of burn and increasing efficacy so that it is applied at much lower rates during the dormant and delayed dormant periods.
  • Formulated with potassium.
  • Is non-systemic with no known deleterious effects on honeybees..
  • It goes on all year long… has applications for winter, spring, summer and fall.

Lime Sulfur Ultra Sell Sheet Lime Sulfur Ultra vs Oil Tech Sheet